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Facilities & Equipment

Faculty and Staff

The Department of Anesthesiology Center for Safety, Simulation & Advanced Learning Technologies (CSSALT) personnel includes one engineering PhD, numerous physicians who are simulation instructors, two full-time simulation engineers (one dedicated to interactive web–enabled simulation), an administrative assistant and a fluctuating number of research fellows and student assistants. 

Simulation Lab

A state of the art 2,000 sq. ft. simulation lab houses three mannequin patient simulators: an Adult Human Patient Simulator (HPS),a Pediatric Simulator PediaSim and an Infant simulator BabySim

A Bronchoscopy part task trainer (Immersion Medical) and a Virtual Patient developed at the UF CISE Department. Part task trainers include three central line placement trainers, nine airway trainers, four IV placement trainers, seven spinal injection or puncture trainers, fourteen urinary catheter or pelvic examination trainers, as well as rectal, breast, and genital examination trainers.

The simulation lab is outfitted with an anesthesia machine, an ICU ventilator, state-of-the-art physiological monitors, an airway cart equipped with an array of airway device, a defibrillator, a 48" x 36" touch-sensitive SmartBoard display, piped medical gases and clinical supplies. 

Simulation activities, including R&D and teaching, are conducted in the simulation lab while engineering development activities are conducted in a nearby 1,000 sq ft lab. The simulation lab is equipped with video debriefing software (Studiocode), the latest web authoring software (including Adobe Director 11.5) and fast Internet access (wired and wireless). 

Arrays of IR cameras (Optitrak) are installed in the ceiling of the simulation lab and the engineering lab for Mixed Reality applications. 

Virtual Anesthesia Machine

The simulation lab also encompasses the Virtual Anesthesia Machine web site which hosts a portfolio of web-enabled transparent reality simulations and PK/PD models developed by Center personnel and that are used worldwide. 


CSSALT works closely with the Investigational Review Board of the University of Florida and has access to undergraduate students in Psychology, medical students (120 per class) undergoing their compulsory anesthesia rotation as well as 70 – 90 anesthesia residents and fellows.  CSSALT also has access to two educational psychology PhDs and a biostatistics PhD for learning outcome studies.

The investigators have access to 9 servers (two 2 GHz Windows 2000, three 1.0 GHz Linux and four Novell servers).  A multitude of desktop and laptop computers (mainly 2.40 GHz Dell Computers), three printers, a photo-copier and a fax machine are available for personnel in the simulation lab.


Simulation Equipment Inventory at the University of Florida