APSF Technology Education Initiative

This is a University of Florida web page for development purposes that allows the Low-Flow Anesthesia software development team to share updates with the entire LFA team. This page and its related links will be removed once the Low-Flow Anesthesia module is officially launched.

This webpage last updated 9/27/2022

Module 1: Low-Flow Anesthesia (LFA)

  1. Introduction to Low-Flow Anesthesia (FINAL)
  2. Using the Circle System to Control Rebreathing of Exhaled Gases (FINAL)
  3. Safe Oxygen Delivery during Low-Flow Anesthesia (FINAL)
  4. Effective Anesthetic Delivery during Low-Flow Anesthesia (FINAL)
  5. Managing Fresh Gas Flow during the Maintenance Phase of Anesthesia (FINAL)
  6. Managing Fresh Gas Flow after Intravenous Induction (FINAL)
  7. Managing Fresh Gas Flow during the Emergence Phase of Anesthesia (FINAL)
  8. Carbon Dioxide Absorbents and Low-Flow Anesthesia (FINAL)

Link to LFA simulation without states or scenarios

Link to LFA Help (Work in progress)