Quantitative Neuromuscular Transmission Monitoring

This webpage created on 10/5/2022

In collaboration with the APSF Committee on Technology, CSSALT has begun developing the simulation and software for the second course of the APSF Technology Education Initiative: Quantitative Neuromuscular Blockade Monitoring (QNMT). The preliminary list of scenarios and scenarios under development are below.

This is a University of Florida web page for development purposes that allows the QNMT software development team to share updates with the entire QNMT team.

Course 2: Quantitative Neuromuscular Blockade Monitoring (QNMT)

  1. Acquiring Baseline (Unmedicated) TOF ratio
  2. Qualitative vs. Quantitative Assessment of TOF ratio
  3. Achieving and Monitoring Intubating Conditions
  4. Rocuronium Potentiation by Volatile Anesthetics
  5. Neuromuscular Transmission Monitoring During Maintenance
  6. Reversal