Virtual Anesthesia Machine (VAM)

The Virtual Anesthesia Machine is a web application that provides access to simulation scenarios online. The goal of this application is to provide global users with free and equitable access to essential teaching materials.

This web application allows users to click through and experiment with more than 25 simulated anesthesia scenarios. We are currently seeking funding to recreate the VAM simulations with contemporary technology. Until then, we will continue to keep the simulations online as long as the plugin is available.

The simulations on the VAM simulation portfolio use the Adobe Shockwave plug-in which most web browsers no longer support. The simulations still work on the following operating systems and browsers:

  • Windows: Firefox or IE11
  • macOS Sierra: Firefox or Safari

Healthcare, learning and patient safety are universal rights. Increased internet access helps bring our world closer to these ideals for humankind.

Our mission is to continue building on the foundation and goodwill we have laid to promote sustainable collaboration between industry, foundations, funding agencies, governmental bodies and educators to enhance healthcare, learning and patient safety worldwide.

It has been our privilege providing this patient safety and simulation resource for nearly 20 years to our over 45,000 registered users worldwide.

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