Virtual Humans for Learning Pre-Op Skills

Virtual Humans Versus Standardized Patients in Presenting Abnormal Physical Findings.

Efficacy of Pre-Use Check Simulation

Preliminary data indicate that a screen-based simulation of the anesthesia machine pre-use check is effective in increasing the fault detection rate when subsequently performing a pre-use check on actual anesthesia machines.

Efficacy of Transparent Reality

In this published study, learners who trained with a transparent reality simulation of an anesthesia machine had a significantly enhanced understanding of anesthesia machine function compared to those who trained with a similar but opaque “blackbox” simulation.

Ongoing Studies

  • Efficacy of Mixed Simulation of Central Venous Line Insertion
  • Efficacy of Mixed Simulation of Ventriculostomy
  • Efficacy of a Screen-Based Simulation of Skin Prepping
  • Efficacy of SIMR (self-inflating manual resuscitator) Simulation
  • Efficacy of HLHS (hypoplastic left heart syndrome) Simulation