Chest Tube Sim

Mixed Simulator of Chest Tube Insertion

This robust, turnkey mixed reality simulator simulates part of an anatomically correct thorax for practicing, learning, teaching and debriefing a chest tube thoracostomy procedure.

Designed for austere environments, it does not require wireless or internet access or wet fluids; accepts 110/220V, 50—60Hz. It can be unpacked and set up by a person unfamiliar with it and be operational in 5-7 minutes.

The portable simulator fits inside a military-spec padded case with inbuilt wheels and telescoping pull-handle that meets airline checked luggage size limits (L+W+H=60”) and weighs less than 50 lbs.


  • 3D-printed physical thorax including ribs and pleural space
  • Virtual model of the anatomy of the heart, lungs, liver, and diaphragm
  • Tracked instruments: chest tube, Kelly clamp, finger tracker, and virtual camera controller
  • Common SMMARTS modular stand with interoperable instruments for use with other modular anatomies
  • Automated checklist algorithm and replay system


  • Adheres to SMARTS (System of Modular Augmented Reality Tracking Simulators) rapid simulator development platform (modular stand and SDK) specs
  • Quick-release placement and indexing of SMARTS-compliant anatomies to SMARTS platform
  • Precise sub-millimeter tracking of all tracked tools
  • Skin-like replaceable inserts with muscle tissue can be rejuvenated in-situ for indefinite re-use


  • Chest Tube Thoracostomy
  • Designed for future addition of pericardiocentesis

Illustration of chest tube sim

Illustration of chest tube sim showing the ribs


  • Adjustable view modes for realism and AARs (after action review)
  • Cognitive aids for chest tube placement
  • Tactile feedback of ribs and pleura
  • Debriefing with replay of past procedures
  • Large left and right chest tube insertion zones
  • Capable of several tube placements each side before rejuvenation is necessary