Build & Test Instructions

UF PanVentTM

Build Document for Open Source Ventilator Assembly

Documentation published describing hardware is licensed under the CERN-OHL-S v2. You may redistribute and modify this documentation under the terms of the CERN-OHL-S v2.

OS Vent V1.2 Build InstructionsV 1.2; April 02, 2020

OS Vent V1.0 Build Instructions – V 1.0; March 29, 2020

Ventilator Test Protocol – Stage 1 Test – V2.0 August 28, 2020

DIY Test LungApril 03, 2020

Improvements to butyl rubber exhalation valve running past 400k cycles as of April 09, 2020

Failure Log April 02, 2020

Using the BMP280 ABSOLUTE pressure transducer as a GAUGE (relative to atmosphere) airway pressure sensor – April 16, 2020

BMP280 absolute pressure transducer graph

Ventilator Control Hardware Schematic Sketch

Schematic sketch

Tupperware Controller