Education & Training

Dr. Tim Morey taking a MOCA training sessionCSSALT hosts simulation sessions taught by faculty from the University of Florida’s Department of Anesthesiology.

In these sessions, beginning anesthesia residents practice basic skills using the center’s simulation equipment, which includes a Virtual Anesthesia Machine and several patient simulators.

CSSALT is part of the Simulation Education Network (SEN). SEN is a network of ASA-endorsed simulation programs held in centers across the country to deliver training to anesthesiologists. Courses are designed to realistically recreate challenging clinical cases to allow participants to problem‐solve in a manner that is similar to actual clinical experience.

The center also offers Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesia (MOCA) simulation sessions. MOCA allows participants to demonstrate ongoing competency with advances in the field of medicine throughout their careers. Today, UF is one of about 50 locations that offers a MOCA simulation course.