System of Modular Mixed & Augmented Reality Tracking Simulators (SMMARTS)


Lampotang S, Bigos AK, Avari K, Johnson WT, Mei V, Lizdas DE. SMMARTS: An Open Architecture Development Platform for Modular, Mixed, and Augmented Reality Procedural and Interventional Simulators. Simul Healthc. 2020 Sep 10. doi: 10.1097/SIH.0000000000000503. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 32925586.



SMMARTS Software Development Kit


The CSSALT SMMARTS Software Development Kit (SDK) connects Unity Technology’s Unity 3D game engine with CSSALT’s SMMARTS rapid simulator development platform. This SDK facilitates rapid development of new Screen Based or Mixed Reality medical simulators, specifically, but not limited to, those related to image-guided interventional procedures. A Unity Editor interface menu guides the developer through SDK features, which includes: NDI Ascension 6DOF tracking support, microcontroller interface support, simulated ultrasound rendering, general “scoring monitors” for simulation use, Cognitive Aids for simulation use, data logging, instrument position recording and replaying and Log-In user interface templates. The SDK includes pre-configured tools common to most SMMARTS simulators such as Ultrasound Probes, interventional tools such as needles, and a Camera Controller. The CSSALT menu will also assist in importing custom anatomy to the Unity Scene and alignment to the SMMARTS index plate. Furthermore, since the SDK is intended for educators, it is Experience API (xAPI) compatible to allow the SDK to communicate with Learning Management Systems (LMS).

The CSSALT SMMARTS SDK has been used to develop over 7 mixed reality simulators by developers ranging from undergraduates through professionals.  Being built within Unity means online tutorials and support is abundant, allowing developers of all skill sets and ranges to add their own custom features quick and easily.


To download the CSSALT SMMARTS SDK, there is no fee but please register here to obtain access:



Main Features:

  • AMM (Advanced Modular Mannequin) Alpha Compliant
  • Experience API (xAPI) support
  • 6DOF instrument tracking
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) templates
  • Generic Scoring Monitors
  • Simulated Ultrasonography
  • Replayer
  • Real Time 3D Visualization
  • Virtual Coach (Integrated Tutor) Framework
  • Microcontroller (Arduino) support
  • Data Collection for Validation Studies