Ventric Sim

Mixed Simulator of Ventriculostomy

This robust, turnkey mixed reality simulator simulates part of an anatomically correct head and skull for practicing, learning, teaching, and debriefing a ventriculostomy (aka external ventricular drain, EVD) procedure.

Designed for austere environments, it does not require wireless or internet access or wet fluids; accepts 110/220V, 50/60Hz. It can be unpacked/set up/be operational in 5-7 minutes by an unfamiliar person. The portable simulator ships inside a military-spec padded case with inbuilt wheels and telescoping pull-handle that meets airline checked luggage size limits (L+W+H=60”); weight < 50 lbs.



  • CT Scan-based 3D-printed physical head and skull
  • Virtual model of the anatomy of the brainstem, scalp, brain, and ventricles
  • Tracked instruments: needle, catheter loaded onto stylet, hand drill, and virtual camera
  • Common SMARTS modular stand with interoperable instruments for use with other modular anatomies
  • Automated scoring algorithm and replay system
  • Instructional materials teach how to perform procedure on the simulator


  • Ventriculostomy (EVD)

Lab tech working on the skull of the ventric simulation



  • Adheres to SMARTS (System of Modular Augmented Reality Tracking Simulators) rapid simulator development platform (modular stand and SDK) specs
  • Quick-release placement and indexing of SMARTS-compliant anatomies to SMARTS platform
  • Anatomically correct, based on medical imaging scans of a real human
  • Precise sub-millimeter tracking of all tracked tools
  • Skin-like replaceable insert with scalp can be rejuvenated in-situ for indefinite re-use
  • Replaceable skull insert (can be used up to 9 times) with inner and outer tables and dura
  • Optional pre-drilled skull insert w/ matrix of holes to practice catheter placement and drilling location selection


  • Adjustable view modes for realism and AARs
  • Cognitive aids for catheter orientation
  • Tactile feedback of bone and brain matter
  • Debriefing with replay of past procedures
  • Library of 140 interchangeable 3D brains based on real patient MRI scans with variable ventricle sizes

Lab tech working on the skull of the ventric simulation


computer image of the brain